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  • Although we have a lot of fun with the labeling of our products, we are very serious about making high quality, earth friendly and therapeutic products. This soap can double as a hair shampoo or body wash due to its ingredient profile. 
  • Calendula is a great herb for reducing inflammation (redness) of the skin/scalp and soothing itchy, irritated areas. 
  • Peppermint oil is refreshing to our senses but very offensive to bugs and provides a slight numbing effect for refief of itches and rashes. 
  • Tea Tree oil is another insect repellant and is also the herb of choice in this recipe to kill odor causing bacteria which is what is causing you to smell so bad.

BE MERRY. BE HAIRY. Shampoo/Body Wash 8oz.

PriceFrom $14.95
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  • THE HAIRY GNOME is an outdoors product line of Serendipitous Summer Farms. We are committed to minimizing waste and working with responsibly sourced materials and packaging. Our herbs are harvested from our permaculture beds right here on our farm nestled in the Ozark Foothills of Bella Vista, Arkansas.

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