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  • Sure, your over the counter itch remedies relieve your symptoms, but do they HEAL? That is what seperates us from the masses... Our products not only soothe, but heal and restore! That is due to The Hairy Gnome's special ingredients like comfrey and calendula that reduce inflammation and proliferate rapid cell regeneration. Aiding in faster healing time of bites, blisters, and rashes! 
  • Made with our own FRESH healing herbs and essential oils from our permaculture gardens nestled in the Ozark foothills of Bella Vista, Arkansas.
  • THE BELIEF IS IN THE RELIEF! Apply to wounds, rashes, and bites twice daily to aid in healing and soothe irritation, itchiness, and inflammation.
  • (2 pack)10ml roller balls are great for purses, bags, and pockets. They Come packaged in a "ROAM WITH THE GNOME" reusable travel burlap baggie, making them great gift ideas!
  • SOOTHES.HEALS.RESTORES. Ingredients: Organic Farm Raised Comfrey, Yarrow, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Calendula Oil, Frankinsence Oil, Rosemary Oil, Basil, Mint, Menthol.

The Hairy Gnome's Natural Treatment for Bug Bites/ Itch Relief Treatment

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  • THE HAIRY GNOME is an outdoors product line of Serendipitous Summer Farms. We are committed to minimizing waste and working with responsibly sourced materials and packaging. Our herbs are harvested from our permaculture beds here on the farm nestled in the Ozark foothills . Every One of Our Products are Made with REAL INGREDIENTS...100% Natural, Organic, Non GMO, No Mineral Oil, No Petroleum. Apart from using the highest quality herbs and oils, we have a lot of fun with our products! Using snarky and at times borderline offensive labeling to get a good laugh in while we work. Enjoy.

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