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  • -DRAWING SALVE...You've never seen anything suck as much as this salve! Super Concentrated 2 oz. or 4 oz. Tins.
  • THG's Ointment/Remedy for Drawing Infection is 100% Natural. This Organic Salve can be used for Almost Any Situation. Rashes, Wounds, Scrapes, Boils, Cysts, Splinters, Bites, Stings, and Bruises..
  • Pine Tar Sap is what gives this salve its dark color and strong aromatic scent. But it's also why this salve dries and disinfects so well.
  • The perfect "hiker's" salve due to its multi-use nature. Provides temporary topical relief of pain and irritation associated with boils, minor skin eruptions and redness. Draws infections, toxins, and embedded objects under skin to the surface. Aids in healing and drying of minor skin irritations, superficial cuts, boils and infections.

THIS STUFF SUCKS! The Hairy Gnome Ointment/ Remedy for Drawing Infection.

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  • THE HAIRY GNOME is an outdoors product line of Serendipitous Summer Farms. We are committed to minimizing waste and working with responsibly sourced materials and packaging. Our herbs are harvested from our permaculture beds here on the farm nestled in the Ozark foothills . Apart from using the highest quality herbs and oils, we have a lot of fun with our products! Using snarky and at times borderline offensive labeling to get a good laugh in while we work. Enjoy.

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